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Idoart Creative Corner Prototypes & Just for fun Stuff
Creative Corner "How To" Everything! Idoart Creative Corner PVC Gimbal How To Build How to Make a Short Film… shorter
A preview of coming tutorials from Creative Corner. A home-made PVC Camera Stabilizer rig for use on a paint pole, or handheld when filming. A spoof on how to make a short film.
Don’t try this at home!

Halo MovieTeaser Fake Commercial with Billy Crank    
A Mean Little Dog Adventure in the works! Having some fun with a good friend using Dominion Raceway Branding.

Visumatic Industrial Products - Automated Assembly & Robotics
Visumatic COBOT Fastening Systems
(with VO)
Visumatic Viper Robot Assembly Cel
(with VO)
Visumatic Insertion Assembly Machine
(Featuring Jarrod Neff)

Lockmasters Security Insititute - Physical & Technical Security Education [From the non-HD, video " tape" era] (onsite feeds)
Lockmasters Security Institute
Company Overview

LSI Access Control
Course Overview

LSI Pro Locksmith
Course Overview

Miscellaneous Vintage [From the non-HD, video " tape" era] (onsite feeds)
Miles Osland/DOJO
My Old Kentucly Home A SINGLE camera example of a live performance.
Nash Farm
Horse Training Composite (part of full DVD)
60 Second Trailer
Beyond Belief: A 30 minute full production, security training film. Accomplished in 45 days.