Sam Davis Johnson
At work in the backyard.

All of the illustrations, photographs, graphic design, audio, video, websites, and other media on this site are the works of Sam Davis Johnson, with a few minor exceptions that are noted.

Idoart Communications, SiteDesign1 and Blazing Sound Productions and MedeaWorks Pictures are owned by Sam Davis Johnson.


At idoart, the list of products created for press, publishing, broadcast, web, social media or display is vast. In today's economy, you can't focus on just one function. Keeping a product affordable for the client is truly dependant on versatility. Equally important, taking your craft in multiple directions, using all of your skills, will create a broader possiblity for the client, and you, in every way.

Here at idoart, I still handle commercial and corporate clients in a broad range of industries including, manufacturing, tourism, construction, music industry and more, and even work with other agencies to supply creative. With those, I get to release the full range of skill on an almost daily basis. But hand drawn art is still my favorite function, and passion. When I'm not doing it for a living, I'm doing it for fun! or was it music?, or photography? or......

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