Digital Graphic Design. Creation, Compositing
& Retouching and PrePress Materials.

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Digital imaging & Prepress are broad terms. Here, digital imaging is used in reference to images created or manipulated by computer software. In this section, the computer may have been used to retouch an image or to create one from scratch. In either raster (pixels) or vector (bezier/mathematical) format or both.
Prepress is a term that applies to anything that is being prepared for printing or publishing. Although now, also multimedia. Even though some of the art originates conventionally, there is nothing that doesn't get digitally manipulated to some degree. Skillful assesment of the critcal details in hand drawn artwork or photographs, in combination with the right prepress workflow can bring about an end product that is highly analog in nature without disrupting the look, or even the texture of a conventional piece.
Digital Imaging
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